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-James Branch Cabell

December 12, 2013 - 12:44 p.m.

Yakkity Yak Tess and the Talkbacks

What happened yesterday. I know I had my last day of class. EVERYONE showed up for the morning class, the class where the median grade is a B. A third of the afternoon class, where the median is C and some people are failing didn't show. Pretty much tells the tale.

After class I worked on the final. I did a pretty good job. it's about half written. I'll finish it today or tomorrow then go back to school and print it out tomorrow. One student claimed he emailed me about missing the test. I didn't get it. I get everyone else's. I just excused him from the third test. If he didn't miss the next class when he had no excuse this would not have been a problem.

The person that is in charge of scheduling finals went on vacations two weeks before the finals. All we had was the schedule he made before the semester started that did not have rooms. There was no way to make changes till he get back. The rooms were finally put up yesterday, five days before finals began. He has never gotten back to me about the change I wanted to make. I asked the admin and just made the change myself. I'm combining my two classes finals. the room is just big enough. He was NOT sick. this was not an emergency. He just planned on not being there when he was most needed. How does this guy still have a job?

I went from school to Joe's Pub for Miss Tess and the Talkbacks Official release of The Love I Have For You. The opening act was the sometimes duo of Kristin Andreassen and Michaela Anne. Tess saw them at the one show that they did before this. I was there too. I have to check now and see if I saw Tess there. Wow my memory was totally wrong. I thought the crowd was sparse so I should see her but it was packed so it was no surprise that I didn't.

Now I'm under pressure. Kristin said, "What is it going to say in Wise Madness tomorrow?" It's not that I feel pressure to say good things, of course I'm going to say good things. I am under pressure to write well and not say anything stupid like, "I love the way she referenced The Magic Flute in the song about dinosaurs." And have her come back and say, "That was Carmen and the song is about starving children; you are a complete idiot."

Kristin and Michaela Anne were joined by the clarinet player from Cuddle Magic, he has no name and a trumpet player that doesn't even have way for me to say who he is. I was actually just talking about the clarinet player with Alex and since I can't remember his name it must not exist cause I'm not an idiot, right? ummm .. I said right? I'm getting looks.

There are not many things I love Kristin and Michaela Anne together. They each sing their own song and the other one backs her up. I would love if they sang lead at random. I think it would still be obvious whose songs are whose, their styles are different. Michaela Anne is country and Kristin more trad mixed with weird. But listening closely I think much of the difference comes from their phrasing and singing styles so perhaps it would not be obvious. I want to know. Part of the fun is that they are two friends on stage enjoying each other's company and we enjoy them enjoying each other. This is not routine for them.

Kristin I loved from the get go. Michaela Anne does a genre further from my musical home. The first few times I saw her my response was, I have to see her again and decide how I feel. Well I decided. I love her. I always knew there was a there there. The question is if there was one of my places. Lots of people have talent and are very good at what they do but don't connect with me. Michaela does.

Here's a video I made of one of Kristin's songs. It had what I wanted to capture, her doing body percussion. What's body percussion, you'll see.

I could tell from the intro that her next song was Crayola. Now that's an old song with plenty of videos up of it, one by me, but this was going to be different as she just started doing it with body percussion and not just that but clogging! I knew I needed to capture that. So I started recording, it was going beautifully and the waitress comes over and says, "Excuse me, sorry to bother you. Are you done with the fries?" Well that was it. the video was ruined. I stopped recording and deleted what I had. I was mad at the waitress. She should have seen what I was doing and let it go till the song was finished. It wasn't like it was a pressing matter! But then I knew that was wrong. I always have sympathy for wait staff. It's a tough job and you have to deal with lots of difficult people and I don't want to be a difficult person. She was busy. She has to handle a lot of tables. It's understandable that she didn't notice what I was doing. I actually made my tip bigger to make up for my guilt even though I never said anything the least bit critical of her. I thought it.

Now I know some of you are thinking, "First World Problem." But I do not feel guilty about being upset, just upset at her. I have more than my share of serious problems and the way I remain a cheerful hobbit is by concentrating on the small delights like making that video. So when I'm disappointed I have a right to be disappointed. I just dont have the right to take it out on the waitress. Which again I'll point out I didn't.

During the break I saw Kevin sitting in the seat that I wanted. I bought the wrong one as I often do at Joe's pub. I have trouble seeing on the diagram the seat I want. it's 206 I got 209. I actually saw Kevin before the first set but the problem was it was someone with the same hair and glasses but not actually him. I picked up my stuff and joined him as nobody was sitting next to him.

Miss Tess's new album is covers. She covers some good people. I just got up to get the album so I wouldn't have to actually remember who she covered. So I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom. Ate a slice of bread. And got back in bed without getting the album. Remember when I said that I'm not idiot. Let's just forget I said that. You know I will.

I got up, turned the light on so I could read the album notes, and went back to bed without getting the CD. How can I remember the English language let alone how to type?

OK before looking I remember Bonnie Raitt, Randy Newman, and Hank Williams. Oh and Ted Hawkins. Not too shabby. I forgot Willie Nelson, and Neil Young. There is also one original and I remembered that. See I'm a genius with an amazing memory.

The irony is that if you didn't know any of the songs you'd think that the original was the oldest. Her music evokes the 30s or is that 40s? So I recorded a song and by chance it's an original that isn't on the album. Oh well.

The covers showed that Tess can rock and country. She is one of those performers that I can see every show of a residency. I find myself listening to more and more eclectic band music. I don't think it's my taste changing but just where so much of the good music is now. Good is the only musical genre I'm loyal to. I don't know why so many people think of me as just liking folk.

Because most of the show was covers it highlights Tess's performance skills. She can sing, she can sell a song, and her band rocks. How come I never see any of you at her shows? Well OK other than Kevin.

After the show I bought The Love I Have For You and a four song EP by Kristin 'Simmon. The cover is watercolor by Kristin painted on the actual cover. Each one is unique. Kevin and I got the last two. Some day this will be worth a zillion dollars.

We talked to Tess, Kristin, and each other far longer than we said we would. I think we left half an hour after we said we were leaving. Yes I'm like that.

OK now I have to eat then go shopping then head out to Babylon to see Jean Rohe. And of course I have to write the final.

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